Ashford BUS 311 Week 1 Quiz

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BUS 311 Week 1 Quiz 



Martha Stewart’s problems with criminal law began when she was investigated for:

Congress’s authority to make laws prohibiting discrimination in employment comes from the:

If a state enacted a law that made it illegal to sing the national anthem of other countries, such a law would violate the ______ of the U.S. Constitution.

A landmark case involving the prosecution of a corporation for homicide was brought against which company?

Notice of a lawsuit is generally accomplished through a procedure known as:

In the case Labaj v. VanHouten, a business was found liable because it was foreseeable that a guard dog might injure a person it did not know. This illustrates:

The federal law known as RICO was originally intended to deal with what type of crime?

Elected law-making bodies are known as:

Aaron, an avid football fan, gets a black eye when he attends a game between the Packers and the Giants. While he was waiting for a beer, an attempted field goal hit the upright, bounced off, and hit him in the face. If Aaron sues for negligence, he will probably


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