BIS 155 Week 2 Quiz (Updated)

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BIS 155 Week 2 Quiz (Updated)


Question 1.Question :(TCO 2) A formula in Excel begins with a(n):
Student Answer: *.
Instructor Explanation:Textbook Chapter 2


Question 2.Question :(TCO 2) Which of the following best describes a mixed cell reference?
Student Answer: Occurs when a formula directly or indirectly refers to the cell containing the formula.
 Causes a potential error.
 Contains absolute or relative cell references, but not both.
 Contains both an absolute and a relative cell reference.


Question 3.Question :(TCO 2) =$E2-G$4 contains examples of _____ cell references.
Student Answer: absolute


Question 4.Question :(TCO 2) In Excel, an Argument would be best described by which of the following statements?
Student Answer: Calculates the total of values contained in two or more cells.
 Displays a list of functions and defined names as you enter a function.
 Is an input, such as a cell reference or a value needed to complete a function.
 Is a small pop-up description that displays the results of the cell.


Question 5.Question :(TCO 2) Which of the following describes the AVERAGE function?
Student Answer: Calculates the arithmetic mean of values in a range.
 Identifies the midpoint value in a set of values.
 Identifies the highest value in a range.
 Displays the lowest value in a range.

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Question 6.Question :(TCO 2) The MIN function would identify the _____.
Student Answer: The highest value in a range.
 Tallies the number of blank cells in a range.
 The lowest value in a range.
 The midpoint value in a range.


Question 7.Question :(TCO 2) The _____ function can be used to find an answer located in a vertical table.
Student Answer: FIND


Question 8.Question :(TCO 2) If you enter an = and the first few letters of a function in the formula bar, Excel will display a drop-down list of functions beginning with those letters. This feature is called _____.
Student Answer: Syntax Helper
 Formula AutoComplete
 Formula Wizard
 Function Finder


Question 9.Question :(TCO 2) Arithmetic operations, cell references, and _____ can be used in Excel formulas.
Student Answer: constants


Question 10.Question :(TCO 2) One benefit of using range names in formulas is that _____ .
Student Answer: it directly or indirectly refers to the cell containing the formula
 it contains both an absolute and a relative cell reference
 it identifies the present value of the loan
 if you copy the formula, you do not have to make the cell reference absolute


Question 11.Question :(TCO 2) The PMT function is best described by which of the following?
Student Answer: It is the periodic interest rate, such as a monthly interest rate.
 It is the total number of payment periods.
 It is the present value of a loan.
 It calculates the periodic payment for a loan with a fixed interest rate and a fixed term.


Question 12.Question :(TCO 7) A _____ helps to ensure consistency and standardization for similar workbooks, such as detailed income statements for all 12 months in a year.
Student Answer: template
 web query


Question 13.Question :(TCO 7) To unlock cells, click the _____ tab, then click Format in the Cells group and select Lock Cell.
Student Answer: home
 page layout


Question 14.Question :(TCO 7) By default, a macro records cells as _____ references if they are selected while recording the macro.
Student Answer: absolute


Question 15.Question :(TCO 7) By default, Excel automatically _____ macros and displays a security warning when a file containing macros is opened.
Student Answer: saves



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