BIS 155 Week 3 ilab (Updated)

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BIS 155 Week 3 ilab (Updated)

Lab 3 of 7: Alice Barr Realty Analysis

You are an intern with the Regional Realty Association and are

analyzing the claim made by Alice Barr Realty that “we get your price.” You have
prepared a spreadsheet that shows data relating to 3 months’ sales by Alice Barr
Realty. You are going to determine the percent of asking price for each home
sold and analyze the sales data to determine the true track record of the
company in selling homes for the asking price.

STEP 1: Open, Save, and Document the
Workbook (5 points)

You must open a workbook that lists home sales for 3 months.

A. Download the file chap4_cap_barr from DocSharing, Lab

B. Open the workbook in Excel, and save it as

C. Insert a documentation sheet that includes title, author,
date, and purpose. Format it appropriately, including changing the Sheet Name to
Documentation. At the end of this activity, you will be asked to
provide a conclusion as to whether this realty company “really gets your

STEP 2: Add Calculations and Format
Sales Data Worksheet (10 points)

A formula is used to calculate the percent of asking price, and
this formula is applied to all listed sales. You will format the list in an
attractive and useful manner.

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A. Calculate the percent of asking price for each sale (selling
price divided by asking price). Enter the formula in Column F. Format Column F
as a percentage with one decimal.

B. Format Columns D and E as currency, with no decimals. Format
Columns G and H as dates so just the day and month (for example, 5-May) are
visible. You will need to use the Number Format dropdown list, select More
Number Formats, and select the Date category.

C. Widen columns to make all data and headings visible. Format
titles as appropriate. Bold and center the column headings.

STEP 3: Sort Data and Create Summary Reportand Chart (10

A. Before analyzing data, it is a good idea to copy the
data to a new worksheet so that you have a back-up copy of the original data.
Right click on the Sales Data sheet tab and select Move or Copy. Create a copy
of the current spreadsheet and move it to the end. Name the sheet Sorted

B. In order to sort the data, you must convert them to a data
table. Format the data table to look attractive.

C. Sort the data by selling agent (A to Z) and then by asking
price (largest to smallest).

D. Convert the sorted data back into a range, and create a
summary report showing the total asking price and total selling price by selling

E. Create a column chart that shows the difference by agent between
asking price and selling price



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