BIS 155 Week 3 Quiz (Updated)

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BIS 155 Week 3 Quiz (Updated)

Question 1.Question :(TCO 4) If there are certain columns of information that are not needed at a particular time but might be needed later, _____ the unneeded columns to allow users to focus on only the essential information.
Student Answer: hide


Question 2.Question :(TCO 4) In Excel, the print area is defined as _____.
Student Answer: an individual piece of data, such as a last name
 a complete set of data for an entity
 the sequence in which pages print
 the range of data to print


Question 3.Question :(TCO 4) To create a table from an existing range of data, _____.
Student Answer: click within the range, click the Table Tools Design tab, and then select Convert to Table
 select any cell in the worksheet and then click Existing Range in the Tools group
 click in a cell and on the Home tab, and click the Insert arrow in the Cells group
 click the Insert tab and then click Table in the Tables group


Question 4.Question :(TCO 4) Which of the following best describes the Excel filtering feature?
Student Answer: Helps to clean the data before printing in Backstage view
 Displays data in chronological order
 The process of displaying only records that meet specific conditions
 Arranges dates in alphabetical order

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Question 5.Question :(TCO 4) Which of the following best describes conditional formatting?
Student Answer: Highlights or emphasizes cells that meet certain conditions
 Tags a table element as a reference in a formula
 Formats the condition of the worksheet in preparation for printing
 Calculates an aggregate for values in a range or database


Question 6.Question :(TCO 4) Using Conditional Formatting to draw attention to cells that are blank _____.
Student Answer: displays a particular color based on the relative value of the cell contents to other selected cells
 displays an icon representing a value in the top third, quarter, or fifth based on values in the selected range
 helps locate where data may be missing
 helps locate errors in cells quickly


Question 7.Question :(TCO 4) When data is grouped, the margin area displays the _____.
Student Answer: aggregate columns
 group headings
 collapse and expand buttons
 group totals


Question 8.Question :(TCO 4) _____ are created to organize and summarize data in PivotTables.
Student Answer: Categories


Question 9.Question :(TCO 4) To begin a filter based on a particular field, you drag the desired field to which area under Drag fields between areas below?
Student Answer: Column Labels
 Report Filter
 Row Labels


Question 10.Question :(TCO 4) The Insert Calculated Field dialog box requires you do all the following EXCEPT _____.
Student Answer: enter formulas using field names instead of cell references
 enter a description column heading for the calculated field
 build formulas using mathematical operands such as +, -, and *
 enter formulas using cell references


Question 11.Question :(TCO 4) A Pivot Table Style controls all the following EXCEPT _____.
Student Answer: bolding
 font colors
 number format
 shading colors


Question 12.Question :(TCO 4) The _____ enables you to move to a cell quickly by typing the desired cell reference in it and pressing Enter.
Student Answer: Formula bar
 F4 function key
 Go to dialog box
 Find and Replace dialog box


Question 13.Question :(TCO 4) After a PivotChart has been created, the PivotTable Settings can still be changed by using the _____.
Student Answer: PivotTable Field List
 Chart Layout command
 Format Tab
 Data Tab


Question 14.Question :(TCO 4) After creating a PivotChart, you can sort or filter categories or subcategories in rows by clicking the _____.
Student Answer: Report Filter arrows
 Legend Field arrows
 Axis Field arrows
 Values arrows


Question 15.Question :(TCO 4) Which of the following will NOT delete a PivotChart?
Student Answer: Go to the Home tab and click Cut
 Right-click the chart and click Cut
 Select the chart and then press Delete
 Click and drag the PivotChart off the worksheet



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