BIS 245 Week 6 ilab

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BIS 245 Week 6 ilab

BIS245 Database Essentials for Business with Lab

A. Lab # BSBA BIS245A-6
B. Lab 6 of 7 : Creating Reports
C. Lab Overview – Scenario / Summary:

TCO(s): 7. Given a database application with a completed relational schema, populated tables, and business reporting requirements, create the necessary reports and make a business decision.

Scenario: The purpose of this lab is to create Access Reports. After a report is created, the student will sort the fields in different ways. Also the Student can also delete fields in layout view and modify the appearance of the report by applying Themes. In addition to the report generated by Access, the lab also uses Report Design to allow users to design their own reports. Upon completing this lab, you should be able to:
• Create a report and apply a theme for professional appearance of the report.
• Use Report Design to generate your own report.

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D. Deliverables: Upload the modified Lab6_Start.accdb file that you saved as YourName_Lab6.accdb to the Week 6 iLab Dropbox.

Part A Step 1: Create a Simple Report – Lab6_Report1
Part A Step 2: Create a report using Report Design – Lab6_Report2
Part A Step 3: Creating Multi-table Reports – Lab6_Report3
Part A Step 4: Adding a Subreport – Lab6_Report4
Part A Step 5: Create Mailing Labels – Lab6_Report5
Part B Step 1: Create a Report – Lab6_Report6
Part B Step 2: Create a Multi-table Report – Lab6_Report7


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