BUSN 412 Week 1 DQs

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BUSN 412 Week 1 DQs

BUSN 412 Week 1 Discussion 1

Read the Robin Hood case C1 in the textbook. (The case begins right after Chapter 13.) How can you relate this case to strategic management?

BUSN 412 Week 1 Discussion 2

Select a company in the news and apply one or more of the strategic concepts from Chapter 1 to the company. Be sure to state what concept and page from the textbook you are applying. Examples could be such concepts as romantic view of leadership versus control view (pages 5–7), competitive advantage (page 8), four key attributes (page 9), realized versus intended strategy (page 12), corporate governance, stakeholder management, NGOs, and more. Next, critically evaluate the applications proposed by your classmates.

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