BUSN 412 Week 3 DQs

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BUSN 412 Week 3 DQs

BUSN 412 Week 3 Discussion 1

Post your Course Project organization’s mission statement here, if you can locate it. If not, post what you think it might be.

For clarity purposes,  write each of the question and then followed by your answers:

1) How do you think its mission statement has focused the organization?

2) How hard was it to find the mission statement?

3) What value do you see the mission statement providing to the organization and how might it be made better, if at all?

Your answers to all the three questions under one post only.

BUSN 412 Week 3 Discussion 2


Select a business that has made the transition from bricks to clicks. Why did you choose them and how have they done so far?

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