BUSN 412 Week 5 DQs

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BUSN 412 Week 5 DQs

BUSN 412 Week 5 Discussion 1

Please review the following link: http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/en/dan_pink_on_motivation.html and comment on it. In the lecture we learned that “Behavioral control is gaining support as many organizations seek to align the entire organization to deliver coherent, coordinated strategies.”

For clarity purposes, write each of the question first and then followed by your answers.  Your answers to the two questions under one post only.

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1) How is behavioral control impacted by motivational approaches such as the one in the video?

2) What motivational approaches are you aware of that have been either very effective or ineffective?

BUSN 412 Week 5 Discussion 2

Read the Jamba Juice Case Study (C30) and comment on the case. What did you learn from reading this case? If you have been a customer of Jamba Juice, please share your experience and opinion of their franchises? What do you think of using a franchise strategy to grow a business such as Jamba Juice?


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