BUSN 460 Week 1 Project (Updated)

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BUSN 460 Week 1 Project (Updated)

Team Contract

The contract must be signed by each member before submitting it individually to your dropbox. Submit your Team Name and Contract (located in Document Sharing) to the Week 1 Dropbox after your team completes it (per the Team Assignment for Team Formation and Charter below). Each week your assignments are due by Sunday, end of week, 11:59PM Mountain Time (MT). Submit your assignment to the Dropbox located on the silver tab the top of this page.

Team Assignments

Team Formation and Charter and Team Discussions and iConnect Participation

  • Teams will be formed by the instructor in Week 1.
  • The teams and members will be posted in the Course Home under Announcements on Sunday – Week 1.
  • Start using the Team Discussion to “get acquainted” and begin your team’s collective work.
  • Begin to use the iConnect Team Meetings (tab located at the bottom of the left hand side of the eClassroom) to facilitate and record your team’s work.
  • Each individual will share his/her personal resume with the team in its designated team discussion area. This will help identify skills and abilities of each team member.

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  • Read the other team members’ resumes and comment as to strengths and skills each individual brings to the team.
  • Start discussing the requirements for the Final Presentation and Final Report.
  • Select an appropriate and unique team name.
  • Create a Team Contract for assignment and completion of duties through the rest of the course. In other words, this is a contract between the team members about how you will operate throughout the course (this is not a contract between your team and CanGo).
    • The team contract should, as a minimum, include:
      • How work will be divided
      • How decisions will be made
      • How disputes will be resolved
      • How deadlines for submitting work will be determined
    • Each team member will submit the Team Name and Contract to his/her Week 1 Dropbox signifying his/her agreement to the terms of the team’s contract.



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