BUSN 460 Week 7 Project (Updated)

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BUSN 460 Week 7 Project (Updated)

Final Presentation and Final Report

This week, you will give your Final Presentation at the date/time scheduled by your instructor (information was posted in the Course Home Announcements area). You will also continue work with your team on the finishing touches to your Final Report. You will use the feedback from the Final Presentation to improve your Final Report, due in Week 8.

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Your Final Presentation PowerPoint document is due no later than 12 hours before the presentation time scheduled by your instructor. The Week 7 Team Leader will submit the Final Presentation PowerPoint file to Document Sharing> Final Reports and Presentations. The file should be named [Team] – [Team Name] Final Presentation. Example, Team A’s team name is Above Average Consulting, so the file would be named: Team A – Above Average Consulting Final Presentation.

You will continue to work on your Final Report, due by midnight Mountain Time on Thursday of Week 8.


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