CARD 405 Week 7 DQ 1 (Updated)

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CARD 405 Week 7 DQ 1 (Updated)

Review the “Criteria for Evaluating a Job Offer” on pages 138–139 in the textbook. What are your top two criteria out of each of the four basic areas? Why did you choose these criteria?


I chose to see if the job was a reasonable distance from my home?

Do people seem to remain with this company for a while?

Would I be happy getting up in the morning and coming to this job?

Does the position offer a variety of duties, or are there set duties that don’t change? What is my preference?

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What is the salary for the job, and how does that compare with my needs and my analysis of the market?

Does the firm offer competitive medical, dental, life, and other benefits?

Is there an opportunity for me to meet my long-term goals?


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