CARD 405 Week 8 Assignment (Updated)


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Informational Interview (due this week)

As part of your job search preparation, you will plan for, conduct, and detail notes for an Informational Interview of someone working in your target career field. Please be sure you review the assignment template prior to completing the interview.

The assignment template and grading rubric for this assignment are available in Doc Sharing. Save the template file by adding your last name to the template filename (e.g., Week8_Informational_Interview_Template_Smith.docx).

The grading rubric is also available below:

Criteria that Submitted Assignment Meets Total Points Possible for Assignment
 Informational interview has been completed, name and contact information for interviewee is provided, questions and answers are documented, and learnings are summarized. Deduct up to 10 points for spelling and grammatical errors.  90-100
 Deduct points for missing elements of the assignment. Deduct up to 10 points for spelling and grammatical errors.  0-89


Submit your assignment to the Dropbox, located at the top of this page. For instructions on how to use the Dropbox, read these step-by-step instructions.


See the Syllabus section “Due Dates for Assignments & Exams” for due date information.



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