Devry CIS 115 Week 1 iLab: Building a Registration Form and Pay Calculator in Python

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CIS115 Week 1 Lab Overview

Title of Lab: Building a Registration Form and Pay Calculator in Python

Summary – Part 1
Create a program that allows a student to complete a registration form and displays a completion message that includes the user’s full name and a temporary password.

Summary – Part 2
Create a program that calculates a user’s weekly gross and take-home pay.

• 2 source code Python files.
• A Word document containing both source code and the screen print of the program outputs.

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Lab Steps
Part 1 – Registration Form
Sample Output:

First Name: Eric
Last Name: Idle
Birth Year: 1934

Welcome Eric Idle!

Your Registration is complete.

Your temporary password is: Eric*1934

• The user’s full name consists of the user’s first name, a space, and the user’s last name.
• The temporary password consists of the user’s first name, an asterisk (*), and the user’s birth year.
• Assume the user will enter valid data.


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