GSCM 209 Week 2 Quiz

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GSCM 209 Week 2 Quiz

Question 1.Question :(TCO 1) Gary Puckette, human relations director at ABC Company, and Steve Gap, ABC’s operations director, have been asked by General Manager Dick Clark to confirm a manpower budget for a new product’s upcoming production run next month. When Gary and Steve select their quantitative forecasting method, on which time horizon should they be focusing on to choose their forecasting method?
Student Answer: Short range
 Medium range
 Long range
 None of the above


Question 2.Question :(TCOs 1 and 2) Weekly sales of gallons of milk at the corner store are shown below. Using these data, forecast Week 7 using a 6-week moving average.


Question 3.Question :(TCOs 3 and 4) In a regression equation, a + bx, which is the dependent variable?
Student Answer: y
 None of the above

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Question 4.Question :(TCOs 3, 4, and 5) The equation 550 + 7.3t is what Company XYZ uses to estimate monthly demand, where t = 1 is the first quarter of 2009. The quarterly seasonal indices are as follows:
Quarter 1 = 0.6, Quarter 2 = 1.4, Quarter 3 = 0.7, and Quarter 4 = 1.3.
What is the seasonally adjusted forecast for the four quarters of 2010?

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