GSCM 326 Week 1 Quiz (Updated)

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GSCM 326 Week 1 Quiz (Updated)


Question 1.Question :(TCO 2) Which of the following perspectives of quality judges a product on the basis of how well the product performs its intended function?
Student Answer: Value perspective
 Product perspective
 User perspective
 Manufacturing perspective


Question 2.Question :(TCO 2) The marketing and sales department in an organization contributes to the quality of the product by
Student Answer: bringing together technical staffs from both the buyer’s and suppliers’ companies to design products and solve technical problems.
 designing and maintaining the tools used in manufacturing and inspection of goods.
 learning the products and product features that consumers want and knowing the prices that consumers are willing to pay for them.
 ensuring that the items delivered by the suppliers are of the quality specified by the purchase contract.


Question 3.Question :(TCO 1) The production of services differs from manufacturing because services
Student Answer: can be inspected prior to delivery.
 require lesser customization compared to manufactured goods.
 produce outputs that are mostly intangible.
 are less labor intensive and involve minimal human interaction.

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Question 4.Question :(TCO 1) Shenzen Electronics, a cell phone manufacturing company, buys microphones and bluetooth handsets from Atid Infotech which manufactures cell phones and cellular accessories. For Atid Infotech, Shenzen is a(n) _____.
Student Answer: consumer
 external customer
 internal customer


Question 5.Question :(TCO 1) The concept of total quality management is defined as a(n)
Student Answer: customer-focused, results-oriented approach to business improvement that integrates many traditional quality improvement tools and techniques with a bottom-line and strategic orientation.
 people-focused management system that aims at continual increase in customer satisfaction at continually lower real cost.
 structured approach to organizational management that is used to prioritize and select projects that have high benefits relative to the effort involved in accomplishing them.
 integrated approach to organizational performance management that results in lower consumption of resources.


Question 6.Question :(TCO 2) According to Peter Scholtes, a noted consultant, when people don’t understand systems
Student Answer: they try to resist the process of change.
 they are less likely to distinguish between fact and opinion.
 they see the symptoms but not the deep causes of problems.
 they don’t see events as individual incidents but assume it to be the combined result of several independent forces.


Question 7.Question :(TCO 2) With regard to quality management systems, _____ is a formal document that demonstrates a commitment to achieving high quality and meeting customer expectations.
Student Answer: quality policy
 quality memorandum
 quality trilogy
 quality minute book


Question 8.Question :(TCO 2) A _____ is a set of functions or activities within an organization that work together for the aim of the organization.
Student Answer: quincunx
 hidden factory


Question 9.Question :(TCO 1) Improved conformance in production or service delivery tends to increase profitability because
Student Answer: it helps in differentiating the product from its competitors and improves the perceived value of the product.
 it ensures that the services are performed according to the convenience of the customer.
 it leads to lower costs through savings in rework, scrap, resolution of errors, and warranty expenses.
 it leads to improved employee motivation.


Question 10.Question :(TCO 1) Which of the following perspectives of quality provides the basis for coordinating the entire value chain?
Student Answer: Customer perspective
 User perspective
 Transcendent perspective
 Value perspective



Question 1.Question :(TCO 1) Deming preached the importance of top management leadership, customer-supplier partnerships, and what else that is important to a company?


Question 2.Question :(TCO 2) How do leading CEOs and academia define a TQM system?



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