Devry GSCM 440 Midterm Exam

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Devry GSCM 440 Midterm Exam


  1. (TCO 1) In an integrated approach to sourcing, we now see procurement more widely accepted as a profession. How will this function evolve over the next decade? What approaches will we see and in which areas of business and interaction? What will the objectives be, other than reducing price of materials and services?(Points : 30)
  2. (TCO 2) The management of the acquisition process has changed several times over the past 100 years from tactical to strategic. How does strategic fit impact the two primary procurement orientations in terms of behavior and supplier integration? List the strategic fit elements; explain what they are, and then how they interact, and what the results are comparatively.(Points : 30)

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  1. (TCO 3) A centralized structure faces different challenges than a decentralized structure. This is usually the difference between large and medium sized organizations. What are the nine objectives of supply management, and how can it be organized to achieve its desired objectives of effectiveness and efficiency?(Points : 35)
  2. (TCO 4) Please describe in detail the considerations and benefits when switching from EDI to a web-based platform for electronic procurement. What is impacted? How is it impacted? Name some benefits, and to what and to whom?(Points : 35)
  3. (TCO 5) Traditional analysis has looked at make vs. buy alternatives, but recently firms have begun to consider partnerships or strategic alliances as a third alternative. Explain the key strengths of each approach, and what considerations a firm should have for choosing each alternative.(Points : 35)

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