HRM 320 Week 4 DQs

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HRM 320 Week 4 DQs

HRM 320 Week 4 Discussion 1

bagail Adams was hired as an associate professor of economics at Heartland University. She was the first woman professor hired in the department. When she was hired, she was given the same three-year time period as all other associate professors at Heartland U. to establish herself as an academic through teaching ability, publishing multiple articles in peer-reviewed journals, and developing a rapport with colleagues in the department through committee participation and attendance at professional conferences. After three years, as was the custom, she would face a tenure vote, and would either receive tenure and be promoted to full professor, or be denied tenure and given one year to locate another position.

During the next three years, Professor Adams earned high marks in student reviews for her teaching ability and she published two peer-reviewed scholarly articles on economics. Her male peers in the Economics Department were enthusiastic regarding her teaching reviews, though less so about her publishing, since they all published multiple articles per year and expected her to do the same. In the second year of her appointment, Professor Adams became pregnant and reduced some of her non-classroom professional commitments as her pregnancy advanced. She then took a 3-month leave after the birth of her child, time that was not included in the three-year review period. Upon returning to work, Professor Adams resumed her previous level of professional activity.

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Throughout the three-year probation period, the Chair of the Economics Department, Professor Cratchett, as well as the majority of the other professors in the department complained about Professor Adams’ unwillingness to participate in their weekly discussion forum on economics and her “lack of commitment” to professional activities, including her failure to participate in several economics conferences held at various places around the world. Professor Adams complained that Professor Cratchett was unfriendly to her and preferred the company of the other men in the department. She also complained that many of these conferences occurred while she was pregnant (and could not fly) or while she was on maternity leave. She also claimed that her salary as Associate Professor was not commensurate with that of her male colleagues, and that this resulted from the subjective determination of compensation and promotion in her department, a process controlled by her male colleagues.

After her three-year probation, her colleagues in the Economics Department unanimously voted to deny her tenure. They advertised her position as open to new candidates and within a year had hired another woman, Professor Betsy Ross, to replace her.

Does Professor Adams have a claim for discrimination?

HRM 320 Week 4 Discussion 2

The “All Erection” Crane Company has been in business for many years. The company sells and leases cranes and other heavy industrial equipment. Most of the sales force is male, and most of the office help is female. There is a lot of humor associated with the company’s name. The salesmen’s business cards and office stationary feature the picture of a crane with the company name “All Erection,” and the slogan, “All Erection, All the Time.” The President of the Company, Pete Sakes, spends very little time at the company’s facility, spending most of his time on the road developing business and buying equipment. Pete claims he had no knowledge of the incidents described below, except as noted.

The office is run on a day to day basis by Eddie Ellis, who likes to kid the office receptionist, Gayle, about the large size of her breasts. Eddie has never touched Gayle or made any sexual suggestions or requests of her. In his view, he just likes to kid around with her. Eddie has his locker in the back room decorated, inside and out, with cutouts from Victoria’s Secret and Frederick’s of Hollywood women’s lingerie catalogs.

Dave French is a salesman for All Erection. He is single, and so is Marie Sanchez, the office accounts manager. Dave constantly asks Marie out, and she constantly turns him down. Just before Marie’s annual review, Dave says to her, “You know who’s on the review committee this year, don’t you?” He then tells her that if she will go out with him “just once,” he will put in a good word on her annual review. Marie complains about this to other women in the office, but has not filed a formal complaint with anyone.

The newest salesman in the office, Dale Fox, does not socialize with the other salesmen, who think he is gay. One day Eddie and Dave decide to have a little fun at Dale’s expense, and place items of women’s make-up and hygiene products on Dale’s desk and in his desk drawers. Dale is angered by this and complains in writing to Pete Sakes. Pete reprimands Eddie privately but takes no other action.

A regular customer of All Erection, Bob Builder, always ogles at Gayle’s breasts whenever he stops in. He makes comments such as, “I always like seeing both of you, Gayle,” and the salesmen chuckle in response to his comments. Last week he stopped by and said, “Hi, Gayle, lookie what I got,” and held up some Viagra tablets. The salesmen in the office roared with laughter. Gayle shot back with, “Are you sure that’s enough, Bob?” to which there was more laughter. Gayle has never made any complaint to anyone about being kidded about her breasts.

In conjunction with the above scenario, identify the incidents of illegal sexual harassment at the All Erection Crane Co. From there, analyze the type of sexual harassment involved in the behavior. Additionally, explain the required responses in conjunction with the actions and behavior. Lastly, recommend changes in policy that should be implemented.


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