HRM 330 Final Exam

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1. (TCO 1) Explain the employment-at-will doctrine. How does this doctrine conflict with the belief that workers are more than just a commodity that can be bought and sold in a labor market? (Points : 30)
2. (TCO 2) How has intense global competition affected the American labor movement? (Points : 30)
3. (TCO 3) What are some of the ways in which public sector unionization differs from private sector unionization? (Points : 30)
4. (TCO 4) In what ways have unions been both a positive and negative force in society? (Points : 30)
5. (TCO 5) After years of long hours and low pay, lab technicians at a large hospital have decided that they would like to unionize. Describe the process that they will need to go through to secure union representation. (Points : 30)
6. (TCO 6) Explain what a boycott is, and discuss the limitations of the boycott as a tactic to pressure employers to agree to a union’s terms in contract negotiations. (Points : 30)
7. (TCO 7) Explain the importance of seniority in union contracts, and discuss the various ways in which seniority is used in making job-related decisions. Why is seniority preferable to other methods of making these same decisions? (Points : 30)
8. (TCO 8) In general, what are the advantages and disadvantages to immigration as a component of globalization? How does immigration impact the labor market? (Points : 40)


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