HRM 340 Week 1 DQs

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HRM 340 Week 1 DQs

Week 1 DQ 1

Technology has made it possible for people to work from anywhere and at anytime (not just in the office). It has allowed HR professionals be able to address issues such as talent management, workforce metrics, analytics, etc.. There are many values that have occurred from technology.  The first chapter of our reading for this week provided me with  the history of HRM and HRIS. Before technology became so advanced, many people used transactional (book keeping)  and traditional methods (selection, compensation, etc.). Today HR is able to provide transformational HR activities (activities that add value) to the firm. It has also allowed HR to focus not just on the firm but on the needs of the employees. According to the lecture”HRISs has changed from high-cost software with annual service contracts and costly upgrades through innovations that have resulted in technology being delivered more efficiently”. Because of this, HRIS vendors have software on their systems that makes it possible for them to provide customers with constant updates as part of a service contract.

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Week 1 DQ 2

You have been asked by one of your internal customers to develop a plan that aligns with his organization’s annual goals. What information will you need to begin developing your plan? What process might you follow to develop this plan, which must be presented to the leadership team (cite the theoretical process chosen/reviewed)? Thoroughly explain each step of your plan.


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