HRM 420 Final Exam

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HRM 420 Final Exam

  1. (TCOs 1, 8). What do KSAO stand for with respect to training (explain each piece; don’t just give the word that the letter stands for)? Give one example of each in your explanation for the job of administrative assistant to a company executive.(Points : 35)




  1. (TCOs 2, 8). Explain the steps of SWOT analysis and its connection to needs assessment. Do a very basic SWOT on Starbucks or Disney (two items per letter) based on common information you have about either company.(Points : 40)
  2. (TCOs 3, 8). First, provide the meaning of the acronym SMART with respect to training goals. Then, consider these four training objectives. Rewrite them as two SMART training goals.
    a) Audit any of the elements inside the organization, looking for compliance to the element that is being audited, and demonstrate how to dig for issues.
    b) Through role playing, demonstrate how to conduct a surveillance audit, organize your team of auditors, and review the element of the standard with your team that will be used prior to the audit.
    c) Through role playing, demonstrate how to write a concluding report after the audit is finished with input from your team.
    d) Realize what the importance of your certificate as an auditor means to the organization and its value to the long-term strategic goals of this organization.(Points : 40)


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  1. (TCO 4, 5, 6) You are a training manager for a midsized corporation. You are working on a training proposal for your HR director when you get a call from the manager of the accounting department. He states that he needs training done for his team, which will assist it in learning the newest version of the Peachtree accounting software. He mentions that his boss, the CFO, told him to put together a proposal for training that included a way to measure transfer of training. He is panicked and says, “First of all, I don’t know what transfer of training is, and second, how can I measure it?” What will you tell him?(Points : 40)
  2. (TCO 7) Explain one similarity and one difference between training and performance management and between training and succession planning. Does training have a part of either performance management or succession planning? If so, give one example each. If not, explain why not.(Points : 40)




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