HRM 420 Week 4 DQ 2


Download the individual development plan template from Doc Sharing and begin thinking about how you would fill it out if you were going to submit it to your boss at work, your boss at your last job, or your boss at a job you would like to have in the future. Start filling it out, because it will help you start thinking about why employees fill these out and how complicated it might be to have a discussion with an employee about this form.

For your first post, think about three things that an employee would need to have available to him or her in order to complete the IDP. These could be information about self, about future jobs, and so forth. Think about some questions you would want to ask your supervisor before having to submit a completed IDP form. Also think about some concerns you would have about putting information down on this form.

In your first post, provide information about the following.

  1. Which section of the form do you feel you would need more information about to fill it in? What information do you need?
  2. What are your two top questions you want to ask your supervisor before filling out this form?
  3. What are your two top concerns you have about filling out this form?

For your second post, reply to one classmate with a very brief e-mail providing him or her with answers to his or her questions and providing reasons why he or she should not be concerned about filling out the form. Assume you are your classmate’s supervisor. (For organizational purposes, pick the person who posted directly above you to reply to. If you are first, you get to reply to anyone.)


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