HRM 420 Week 6 DQ 1

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HRM 420 Week 6 DQ 1

Review the information in Table 6.1, page 239. This shows the correlation between Kirkpatrick’s framework for training outcomes and how they can be measured. In the second discussion this week, we will discuss specific instruments you may use for measuring training. In this thread, we will talk about evaluation itself: the why, where, how, when, and so forth.

To begin, please provide a synopsis of the Kirkpatrick theory for categorizing training outcomes and how the different levels of evaluation are measured and ultimately used. How does Kirkpatrick’s theory help us to know whether our training created transfer of training? In your answer give your view of what transfer of training is. Examples to assist our understanding of your post are appropriate. Be sure to read the textbook and lecture to assist you with this. Do not simply copy and paste; this should be a synthesis of what you learned or understand from your readings. Your instructor will bring in follow-up questions to move this forward through the week.

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