HRM 420 Week 7 Group Discussion

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HRM 420 Week 7 Group Discussion

Please consider the following issues when posting.

  1. Consider what other information the team might want to have to assist with the process, what manner in which you may want to go about collecting more information, and the steps of doing so. You may want to discuss this in your feedback loops and first posts.
  2. You will need to make all recommendations based on the information provided here.
  3. You have all training and development tools you can think of at your disposal for suggestions.
  4. If you decide to use a performance improvement plan for any of the four employees, be sure to include the details (at least in outline form) in the suggestion. (It is likely that at least one employee needs a PIP.)
  5. Be sure to only make suggestions for the four employees listed in the problem. Remember that you are paid contractors and Director Lesst is watching your interaction in the consulting thread.
  6. Have fun with this, and enjoy the practice! Welcome to T & D land!

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“It appears as if she was given that project just because Jerry couldn’t travel and not because she was the best person for the job.”
How long does Jerry get to continue to have a title of a job when he can’t travel and has to delegate the task to subordinates. should the agency not talk to Jerry and get a note from his doctor that is clearing him to work. I have a great understanding of MS due to the fact that my father currently has it and I have seen how it has effected our life as a family there is no way he could work.

Initial consult posts to two of the employee scenarios, utilizing at least one reference from the textbook and one outside source to support the ideas provided in the post


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