HRM 582 Week 3 DQs

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HRM 582 Week 3 DQs

Week 3 DQ 1

Self-awareness is the first step in our journey toward understanding diversity. As you grow in self-awareness, you will better understand why you feel what you feel and why you behave as you behave. This understanding then gives you the opportunity and freedom to change those things you’d like to change about yourself. Without fully knowing who you are, acceptance of others becomes impossible.

Without self-awareness, it’s easy to get caught up with internal dramas and unknown beliefs, allowing unknown thought processes to determine your feelings and actions toward others. If you think about it, not understanding why you do what you do and feel what you feel is like going through your life with a stranger’s mind. How do you make wise decisions and choices if you don’t understand why you want what you want? It’s a difficult and chaotic way to live, never knowing what this stranger is going to do next.

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Consider your background and upbringing, and then think about your immediate family members (parents, grandparents, aunts, etc.). What lifestyles and changes have affected their perceptions of others and of diversity? How will this self-awareness help you to become a better leader, manager, and/or employee?

Week 3 DQ 2

You are a member of a team of anthropologists studying a large and rather diverse group of people. These people have a primitive information and communication system called Internet that will provide you with a glimpse of their culture. To begin examining this culture, the team decides to scan Internet for information on their rituals. Read Body Ritual of the Nacirema. Based on your report, what kinds of stereotypes of American culture could result from your research?


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