HRM 584 Final Exam

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HRM 584 Final Exam

1. (TCO A) Compare the aim of global standardization of the HRM with the aim of realizing local responsiveness. How is the balance between those aims usually achieved?(Points : 25)

2. (TCO B) SCENARIO: You have been hired by a Fortune 500 multinational company in South Africa, with its headquarters in Geneva and other major subsidiaries throughout the world (China, Madrid, London, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Brazil, Chile, Bangkok, Singapore, and a new branch scheduled to open in South Africa in April 2014). As an expatriate, you have been assigned to the post of senior vice president of human resources and employee relations, with a salary of 195,000 euros plus a competitive benefit package with perks that includes a performance bonus—your total compensation relocation package is equal to 280,000 euros. You will spearhead the opening of this new branch in South Africa while setting in motion the process of finding a key location where you will be required to implement and foster the following: global integration, set performance standards for expats, defining the IHRM role across borders, identifying mergers and acquisitions, attracting, recruiting, selecting, and retaining qualified talent, training and developing global leaders, creating strategic alliances with foreign partners, transforming and defining the IHRM role on a global platform, serving as a senior advisor to the executive management team, incorporating innovative business objectives that are aligned with HR strategic goals to lead the vision and success of the organization to acquire market share, and maximizing profits within a competitive global arena.

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Main Task:
Your new COO in Geneva has directed you to immediately engage and manage this new project in South Africa. You have also been mandated by your boss to write and develop a global strategic plan that will be rolled out in 6 months and subsequently will be adopted by all major subsidiaries in different continents. As part of this new endeavor, your goal is to lead your organization´s future, streamline international expansions and operations, and define the role of IHRM in several countries. Your Final Exam questions mainly consist of your preparation of a global strategic plan that incorporates the following HR strategic concepts when you get ready to open this new branch in April 2014. What international HR management challenges will you encounter in a foreign country? (Points : 25)

3. (TCO C) Why is talent management so important? (Points : 25)

4. (TCO D) There are several key issues and dilemmas in leadership assessment and development. Should potential be identified early or late, and how transparent should one be about judgments made? (Points : 25)

5. (TCO E) Describe the main differences in the cafeteria approach and the balance sheet approach to international compensation. (Points : 25)

6. (TCO F) Discuss in detail what is involved in the Change Paths in moving from a multi-domestic organization to a transnational organization. (Points : 25)

7. (TCO G) Discuss the key human resource management issues that HR professionals need to be aware of and attend to in working with mergers and acquisitions. Give an example of how HR needs to insert itself with these issues. (Points : 25)

8. (TCO H) Compare the aim of global standardization of the HRM with the aim of realizing local responsiveness. How is the balance between those aims usually achieved?(Points : 25)

9. (TCO All) What is the impact of culture on international HRM? (Points : 25)

10. (TCO All) Explain how you will handle the management of global talent: recruitment, selection, and retention. (Points : 25)



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