HRM 584 Week 4 DQs

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HRM 584 Week 4 DQs

Week 4 Discussion 1

Your organization is considering sending some management employees to The Arab Emirates in Dubai. Identify what job and professional competencies are needed to fill the role of a global leader in a foreign country such as Dubai.

  • Define what training and development tools are essential to coach and develop management employees who live hundreds, or even thousands of miles from headquarters.
  • Define what type of challenges they will face when introduced while adapting to this new country.
  • Consider the following factors when answering these questions: culture, religion, demographics, language, politics, and economic stability.
  • Provide practical examples and related facts to support your answers for this week’s topic discussions.

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underline;”>Week 4 Discussion 2

Let’s discuss performance management standards and expectations in a global environment.

  • What performance standards and expectations does the organization need to set for our expats abroad?
  • Are the organization’s expectations too high when considering a period of adaptation and learning curve in a foreign country?
  • What are some of the core competencies required for a global leader when directed to lead a business, IHRM plan, and strategic partnership to increase market share and bottom line results in a foreign country?
  • Next consider this—what are the top two factors that affect expatriate performance when leading the organization’s vision and mission? Why?
  • Provide practical examples and related facts to support  your answers for this week’s topic discussions.

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