HRM 584 Week 6 DQs

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HRM 584 Week 6 DQs

HRM 584 Week 6 Discussion 1

Mergers and acquisitions in foreign markets has increased over the past decades. These business investment opportunities are driven to increase market share and profits, create value and a global platform, and instill new management practices and trends across borders.

  1. Research and post two (2) important mergers or acquisitions from U.S. companies in foreign markets that have taken place lately.
  2. Identify the business pros and cons of these mergers or acquisitions and its impact to the IHRM function when developing strategic business practices.
  3. What business considerations are needed in order to adapt to such a changing environment across borders? Support your answers with demonstrated practical examples and facts.


HRM 584 Week 6 Discussion 2

In the U.S., some of us deal with the challenges of working with unions. Abroad these unions are often referred to as work councils or trade unions.

  1. What are some roadblocks in dealing with work councils or trade unions in foreign markets?
  2. How do these mandated labor laws and regulations affect and impact your business decisions and management practices overseas?
  3. What are some of the IHRM challenges in seeking to attract, recruit, select, and retain a global manager to fill a foreign post?
  4. What strategic approaches would you embark on to develop an alliance with work councils and labor unions in a foreign market?

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