HRM 584 Week 7 DQs

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HRM 584 Week 7 DQs

HRM 584 Week 7 Discussion 1

You are an expatriate (with a spouse and a 6-year-old daughter) sent on assignment for one year to Hong Kong. What should you do to prepare for departure? What training should you or your family complete predeparture? What challenges will you face upon arrival? What expectations do you have from your home and host country organization? What are the do’s and don’t’s for an expat working in Hong Kong? Support your answers with demonstrated practical examples and facts.


HRM 584 Week 7 Discussion 2

Please refer to this week’s You Decide activity to answer these discussion questions.

  1. Will you use one management structure so that each country looks identical to the other, or will you design the management team to suit the country?
  2. Will you standardize healthcare/benefits/vacation time?
  3. What impact will your business decisions have in each country when considering adapting and changing to a common strategic model to suit the needs of the home and host country?
  4. What approaches should you follow to integrate a cohesive culture and introduce an effective communication plan that builds consensus in each country?

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