HRM 590 Week 6 DQs

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HRM 590 Week 6 DQs

Week 6 DQ 1

Most companies have moved to a pay for performance process when making salary decisions. What components would you include in a pay for performance compensation program? Thoroughly substantiate each component. What legal aspects must you take into consideration when making salary decisions?

Week 6 DQ 2

As the HR professional supporting a field team, you are reviewing the salary decisions for the company’s annual reviews and pay treatment for one of the manager’s supervisory team. This manager’s supervisory team consists of three Caucasian men, two African-American females, two Hispanic men, and four Hispanic females. You notice that 85% of this manager’s budget dollars have been given to the three Caucasian male supervisors. Would you do anything? If yes, what? If no, why not?

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