HRM 592 Final Exam (Updated)

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HRM 592 Final Exam (Updated)

Q1. (TCOs C, D) Assess and explain how you would ensure the transfer of training of employees. What must be in place in order to ensure the effective transfer of newly gained skills? Why is it important to ensure that the newly gained knowledge is transferred back to the organization? (Points : 40)

  1. (TCO F) Discuss three future trends that will impact training. What are the impacts of these trends? What should businesses do to prepare for these impacts?(Points : 40)

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  1. (TCOs A, B) You have been assigned to design and conduct a 30-minute segment on adult learning theory and learning styles as part of a train-the-trainer program. Fully describe the content you would include in the segment and how you would deliver it. Be specific on the different elements that you would include, and also discuss details on methodology.(Points : 40)
  2. (TCO E) Compare and contrast formative and summative evaluation. What are the purposes of each?(Points : 50)
  3. (TCO G) Describe the four stages of a typical career. What can companies do to assist employees at each stage? Given the multigenerational nature of today’s workforce, in what ways can employees at each stage add value to the organization? Fully explain your answer.(Points : 40)
  4. (TCO H) What content should orientation programs include, and how can we ensure the program will be effective? Discuss ways to engage the learners in this event. What are some potential impacts if the orientation is not properly conducted? (Points : 40)

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