HRM 598 Week 1 DQs

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HRM 598 Week 1 DQs

HRM 598 Week 1 Discussion 1

What is your definition of compensation? How do perspectives on compensation differ, and why does that matter? What forms of pay are used in your organization, and are they effective in motivating performance?

HRM 598 Week 1 Discussion 2

Look at the compensation strategies of Google, Nucor, and Merrill Lynch (see Exhibit 2.1 in the text). Discuss these companies’ compensation strategies, and see whether there is a fit between organization and strategy (See Exhibit 2.1 in the text and check out these companies’ websites, etc.). Are the business conditions, customers served, and employee skills the same for each? If not, how are they different? What are the compensation strategies used by your organization (or the last company you worked with)?

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