HRM 598 Week 2 DQs

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HRM 598 Week 2 DQs

HRM 598 Week 2 Discussion 1

Job analysis has been considered the cornerstone of human resource management. What is job analysis? Describe the job analysis process. What are some challenges with the job analysis process? How does it support managers making pay decisions?

HRM 598 Week 2 Discussion 2

What is a pay structure? Discuss the factors that influence internal pay structures. Based on your own experience and research, which factors do you feel are the most important? Why are these most important? What impact do they have on the design of the internal pay structures?

Pay structure refers to the array of pay rates for different work or skills within a single organization. The number of levels, the differentials in pay between the levels, and the criteria used to determine those differences describe the structure (pg. 73).

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