HRM 599 Final Exam

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HRM 599 Final Exam

1) (TCO A) What are some of the legal and regulatory influences on discretionary benefits?

2) (TCO B) Give a brief overview of the main provisions of HIPAA?

3) (TCO C) Discuss the two forms of employer-sponsored disability coverage. Analyze the potential advantages of each for the employee and for the employer.

4) (TCO D) Your company’s CEO is interested in implementing a new dental plan for employees and has asked you to do some research. The CEO wants you to report back to him in 3 weeks with the following information: What are the three main types of dental care plans? Discuss each plan and make a recommendation for your company?

5) (TCO E) You’re the Benefits Manager of the XYZ Corporation. The company’s president has asked you to research the possibility of offering a cafeteria plan to your employees. What types of things would you want to consider before deciding to offer a cafeteria plan?

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6)(TCO F) You have recently been hired as an employee benefit consultant and have been asked to recommend the establishment of either a defined contribution or a defined benefit plan. Given the following employer objectives, which type of plan would you recommend? Specify the type of retirement plan you would recommend. Explain how your recommendation would handle the employer’s objectives.

Employer objectives include

  • majority of employees are young
  • would like to encourage long potential service
  • concerned about providing retirement income, capital accumulation, and/or estate benefits

concerned about limiting their funding costs and administrative expenses.

7) (TCO G) You’re an HR manager preparing to implement a new employee retirement plan. Point out three funding mechanism alternatives for funded and unfunded retirement plans.

8) (TCO H) Family assistance programs help employees with caring for loved ones, both young and old. Briefly describe the three types of family assistance programs and their benefits.



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