LAWS 310 Week 4 Homework

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LAWS 310 Week 4 Homework


Chapter 12, question 12, page 547. Your answer should, at a minimum, show that you understand the meaning of the term “at-will employee” and what possible restrictions an employer might have on dismissing an at-will employee.

  1. A reader sent the following story to a newspaper question and answer forum:

I was fired recently by my employer, an architecture firm, immediately after serving for one month on a federal grand jury. From the moment I informed my boss … I was harassed … and told I was not putting the company first. I was told to get out of my jury service, “or else.” … I was fired exactly one week after my service ended.127

Was the dismissal of this at-will employee lawful? Explain.

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(McAdams 547)

McAdams, T.. Law, Business and Society, 10th Edition. McGraw-Hill Learning Solutions, 40848. <vbk:9780077765460#outline(12.11)>.

Q. What is wrong with saying, “My target market is everybody?” Explain the value of segmentation, and give an example in which you are the target market (see especially Chapter 4). Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.


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