MATH 221 Week 2 lab

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MATH 221 Week 2 lab



  • MINITAB is a powerful, yet user-friendly, data analysis software package. You can launch MINITAB by finding the icon and double clicking on it. After a moment you will see two windows, the Session Window in the top half of the screen and the Worksheet or Data Window in the bottom half.


  • Data have already been formatted and entered into a MINITAB worksheet. Go to the eCollege Doc sharing site to download this data file. The names of each variable from the survey are in the first row of the Worksheet. This row has a background color of gray to identify it as the variable names. All other rows of the MINITAB Worksheet represent a certain students’ answers to the survey questions. Therefore, the rows are called observations and the columns are called variables. Included with this lab, you will find a code sheet that identifies the correspondence between the variable names and the survey questions.

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  • Complete the answers below and paste the answers from MiniTab below each question. Type your answers to the questions where noted.  Therefore, your response to the lab will be this ONE document submitted to the dropbox.


Creating Graphs


  1. Create a Pie Chart for the variable Car – Pull up Graph > Pie Chart and click in the categories variables box so that the list of variables will show up on the left. Now double click on the variable name ‘Car” in the box at the left of the window. Include a title by clicking on the “Labels.” button and typing it in the correct text area (put your name in as the title). In this same labels window, select the tab- Slice Labels and click on all; Category name; Frequency; Percent; Draw a line from label to slice and then click OK. Click OK again to create graph. Click on the graph and use Ctrl+C to copy and come back here, click below this question and use Ctrl+V to paste it in this Word document.
  2. Create a histogram for the variable Height – Pull up Graph > Histograms and choose “Simple”. Then set the graph variable to “height”. Include a title by clicking on the “Labels…” button and typing it in the correct text area (put your name in as the title) and click OK. Copy and paste the graph here.
  3. Create a stem and leaf chart for the variable Money – Pull up Graph > Stem-and Leaf and set Variables: to “Money”. Enter 10 for the Increment: and click OK.
    The leaves of the stem-leaf plot will be the one’s digits of the values in the “Money” variable.  Note: the first column of the stem-leaf plot that you create is the count.  The row with the count in parentheses includes the median.  The counts below the median cumulate from the bottom of the plot.

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