MATH 221 Week 3 Quiz

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MATH 221 Week 3 Quiz

 1.Question :(TCO 1) What method of data collection would you use to collect data for a study of the salaries of college professors at a particular college?
Student Answer: use a simulation
 perform an experiment
 use sampling
 take a census


 2.Question :(TCO 2) The chances of winning the California Lottery are 1 in 22 million. This statement describes
Student Answer: inferential statistics
 descriptive statistics


 3.Question :(TCO 2) The colors of automobiles on a used car lot are
Student Answer: quantitative


 4.Question :(TCO 1) A lobbyist for a major airspace firm assigns a number to each legislator and then uses a computer to randomly generate ten numbers. The lobbyist contacts the legislators corresponding to these numbers. What sampling technique is used?
Student Answer: random (Each legislator has an equal chance of being selected; Ch 1)

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 5.Question :(TCO 2) A recent survey by a national women’s association showed that the average salary of 3500 of its 65,000 membership was $73,000. This number is a


 6.Question :(TCO 2) Which is used more often?


 7.Question :(TCO 2) Suppose the standard deviation is 13.1. What is the variance?
Student Answer: 171.62


 8.Question :(TCO 10) These data represent the ages of drivers and the number of accidents reported for each age group in Pennsylvania for a selected year. (Age, Number of Accidents) (16, 6605), (17, 8932), (18, 8506), (19, 7349), (20, 6458), (21, 5974)
Find the equation of the regression line for the given data.
Student Answer: y = 335.26x + 13506.26
 y = -13506.26x + 335.26
 y = 13506.26x – 335.26
 y = -335.26x + 13506.26


 9.Question :(TCO 9) A researcher found a significant relationship between a student’s IQ, a, the grade point average, b, and the score, y, on the verbal section of the SAT test. The relationship can be represented by the multiple regression equation y = 250 + 1.5a + 80b. Predict the SAT verbal score (to the nearest whole number) of a student whose IQ is 130 and grade point average is 2.2.
Student Answer: 625


 10.Question :(TCO 9) Interpret an r value of 0.11.
Student Answer: strong negative correlation
 weak positive correlation
 strong positive correlation
 no correlation


 1.Question :(TCO 3) Use this table to answer the questions.

Height (in inches)Frequency

1. Identify the class width.
2. Identify the midpoint of the first class.
3. Identify the class boundaries of the first class.
4. Give the relative frequency for each class.


 2.Question :(TCO 3) The heights in inches of 18 randomly selected adult males in LA are listed as: 70, 69, 72, 57, 70, 66, 69, 73, 80, 68, 71, 68, 72, 67, 58, 74, 81, 72.

1. Display the data in a stem-and-leaf plot.

2. Find the mean.
3. Find the median.
4. Find the mode.
5. Find the range.
6. Find the variance.
7. Find the standard deviation.




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