MGMT 340 Week 6 DQs

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MGMT 340 Week 6 DQs

MGMT 340 Week 6 Discussion 1

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the installation methods our book describes?

1. Direct Installation “Cold Turkey”
2. Parallel Installation (Old system runs with the new)
3. Single Location “Pilot Approach”
4. Phases Installation “Staged Incremental”

Share examples of when each of these methods should be used. Defend your selection.

MGMT 340 Week 6 Discussion 2

1. Have you ever been part of a new system implementation? If so, how did it go?
2. Did the system designers provide proper training?
3. How much documentation was provided?

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If you have not been part of a system implementation, what would you do as the lead system designer to ensure the implementation went smoothly? You can also consider the installation of small software systems, such as one for your personal use, or a larger software system where you or someone you know works.


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