MGMT 404 Week 1 Course Project (Updated)

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MGMT 404 Week 1 Course Project (Updated)

Week 1

Due Week 1: Project Proposal/Approval

Each professor will decide if the course will have project teams or be assigned to each individual student to complete the course project. Your professor will notify you of the decision and if the course is going to have project teams, you will be notified of your team assignment.

If the professor assigns individual projects, your Week 1 assignment will be to:


Provide an outline of your proposed project to your instructor for approval. The project you select will be the same project you will plan for the 8 week course.

If the professor assigns teams for the course project, your team will work together to complete the entire Statement of Participation template located in the doc sharing area. All sections for the entire 8 weeks must be completed.

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Deliverables for Week 1:

If you are assigned individual projects:

  • A one-page document outlining your proposed project. This document should contain particulars, such as what will be created, why this project is important, how long it would likely take, and how much it would likely cost.

If you are assigned team projects:




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