MKTG 410 Week 3 Assignment

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MKTG 410 Week 3 Assignment


TitleMKTG 410 Radio Spot Assignment
ObjectiveCreate a 30 second radio spot concerning an important agriculture and natural resources issue or a topic related to your mentor or career choice.
ResourcesAudacity, Internet .wav files, class instruction
  • Use Audacity to record 30 second radio spot
  • Follow radio spot instructions and examples from class
  • Use Audacity to add background music and edit radio spot
  • Wrote 30 second radio spot for the LEAF club (30 minutes)
  • Recorded radio spot using Audacity (1 hour)
  • Located background music online, from a free .wav file site (15 minutes)
  • Edited audio and inserted background music using Audacity (15 minutes)

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