MKTG 522 Week 1 Checkpoint



 1.Question :(TCO A, B, C) Describe a value proposition and provide an example. How important is value to the consumer?
 2.Question :(TCO A, B, C) How would you describe relationship marketing? Why are these relationships so important to successful marketing?
 3.Question :(TCO A, B, C) What are the similarities and differences between holistic marketing and integrated marketing communications?
 4.Question :(TCO A, B, C) Describe Michael Porter’s value chain model. What makes this an effective approach?
 5.Question :(TCO A, B, C) What key elements should be covered when writing a good mission statement? What is the purpose of a mission statement?
 6.Question :(TCO A, B, C) What is the difference between primary and secondary research methods? Provide an example of how each of these could be used.
 7.Question :(TCO A, B, C) Write out two different examples of closed-end questions you might use for a market research survey.
 8.Question :(TCO A, B, C) Putting surveys aside, what other market research methods could be used to gather data? Please describe at least three.



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