NETW 584 Week 2 Course Project

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NETW 584 Week 2 Course Project

Week 2 (20 points) – Topic Proposal Due – This week, you will hand in your topic proposal. Here is what is required:

  1. A cover page (including your name, course name, and title of your paper).
  2. A second page briefly (three sentences or less) describing the area of telecommunications policy you will be studying and addressing in your paper. There are many, many topics to choose from. Here are a few examples:

Example Topics

  1. VoIP Regulations
  2. “Telecommunications” versus “Information Services”
  3. Cable Industry Regulation
  4. Internet Regulation
  5. Deregulation versus anti-competitive conduct (Can you achieve the former without protections against the latter?)
  6. VoIP and the public interest – (Should VoIP connect to 911? Contribute to Universal Service Fund? Pay local & state taxes?)
  7. Any additional area of telecommunications policy you would like to address.

Submission Instructions: Click on the Dropbox tab at the top of your screen and place the assignment in the Dropbox for the appropriate week.

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