PROJ 330 Week 7 Course Project

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PROJ 330 Week 7 Course Project

Accessing the DeVry Online Library for PROJ330


For the Denver International Airport Case:

  • From the left navigation bar on your Course Home, click on the Student Resources option. THE|HUB home page displays. You may be prompted to type your D# and password.
  • Click on the Library link. THE|HUB Library page displays.
  • Click on the DeVry University Library link, located under About the Library The DeVry University Library section displays.
  • Click on the Enter the Library Here Click on the Databases link. The Library Databases page appears. Scroll down to Books 24×7 and click on the Books 24×7 link.
  • Type your D# and password, and click Submit.
  • Books 24×7 displays .In the Search field, type the name of the book: Advanced Project Management, and click on the Go button. The Advanced Project Management book will display on the page.
  • Click on the link for the book.
  • Scroll down the page to Case 23: Denver International Airport and click on the link. The case study will display.
  • Read the article, using the Next button to move from page to page.


For the Mann Gulch Fire Case:

  • Also located in the Books 24 x 7 – see instructions above.
  • In the Search bar type the name of the book: The Art of Decision Making, and click Go
  • When the book appears click on its link.
  • Click on the plus sign (+) in front of Chapter 1 to expand contents
  • Read the section entitled The Clock That Really Did Strike Thirteen, using the Next button to page through the piece. Note: The Mann Gulch Fire information is included in this section.

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Note: There is an additional reading for the Mann Gulch Fire (a web resource), which is also required reading for more detail.


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