PROJ 586 Week 2 Course Project

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PROJ 586 Week 2 Course Project

Course Project: Week 2

Deliverables | Project Guidelines | Instructions



In Week 1, you reviewed the Course Project Guidelines. Using the project guideline information and the information below, there are two deliverables due this week.

  • Create Scope Statement – 20 points
  • Create Two-Level Work Breakdown Structure – 20 points

Please provide these two deliverables to the Week 2 Dropbox. Please refer to the course Syllabus for your due date.

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Project Guidelines

Congratulations, your project charter was approved by management or the project’s customer. It is now time to write the project scope statement and create a WBS. This week’s lecture will be of great help in creating these two documents. Give them a read before starting this assignment.


Project Scope Statement

Using the information established in the project charter and additional research, create the Project Scope Statement using the template provided in Doc Sharing.

Two-Level Work Breakdown Structure

Now that you have your charter and scope statement created, you engage your team members to begin discussing what would need to be done to achieve the deliverables. In real life, you and your team would create both the scope and WBS. This work that needs to be done to achieve the deliverables is the WBS. You begin by looking at the first deliverable and asking yourself what do I have to do to create this? Break this work down into work packages and activities. Once you have finished with the first deliverable, move on to the second, and so on.

Now that you have completed this exercise, use the information you have just gathered and create a two-level work breakdown structure. Be sure to include the WBS codes/numbering.



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