PROJ 586 Week 5 Course Project

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PROJ 586 Week 5 Course Project

Course Project: Week 5

Deliverables | Instructions


Great job planning out your project, so far!

You and your project team are well underway with planning your project, and you know that it is very important to perform risk management.

This week, there is one deliverable.

  • Create risk matrix, and address how risk response plans would be addressed – 20 points.

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Please provide this deliverable to the Week 5 Dropbox. Please refer to the course Syllabus for your due date.


To help guide you through this deliverable, please follow the six step process of risk management found in the lecture. Below are the guidelines to be followed for this assignment.

Using the Risk Matrix in Doc Sharing, identify five positive and five negative risks that could occur on this project, and complete the risk matrix. Write a five page essay to describe, in your own words, your risk management plan to include the risk matrix, risk responses, and how you will monitor and control these risks.



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