PROJ 587 Week 6 Quiz

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PROJ 587 Week 6 Quiz

1.Question :(TCO D) As a project manager, dealing with conflict is part of the job. Based on the Week 4 reading and lecture, what managerial actions/structures will help minimize conflict? Share a personal experience that illustrates one of the actions/structures.


 2.Question :(TCO E) In order to be an effective leader you must first recognize the qualities of an effective leader. Describe at least five qualities of an effective leader and then what can be done to develop those qualities.


 3.Question :(TCO F) The PMI® Code of Ethics is made up of four areas: responsibility, honesty, respect, and fairness. Discuss the area of honesty and what it means for you, the project manager.

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 4.Question :(TCO F) Value management (VM) is the application of value methodologies with the purpose of improving organizational effectiveness. Value management is made up of five subprocesses: sensemaking, ideation, elaboration, choice, and mastery. In your own words, explain what mastery is and how it is used in VM.



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