PROJ 598 Week 1 DQ 2

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PROJ 598 Week 1 DQ 2

How do you feel intuitively about building trust in an organization? What do you think are the key ingredients in building a trusting relationship? I feel that trust in organizations is a top priority because the lack of trust can be destructive for any organization. When an organization is in a situation where people do not feel trusted, it makes for a difficult situation. People do not perform well if they are constantly worried about their job.

Check your ideas with the “Building Trust for Successful Partnerships: Checklist” on page 14 of our text. Do you see any new ideas? Do you think that building trust is inherently the same across all types of relationships?

Finally, read the Copier Confusion case in the Case Study Area within Doc Sharing. Is this case a good example of how to build a successful partnership? Why or why not? Can you relate this case study to other situations in good and bad organizations where you have seen trust change over time?

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