PROJ 598 Week 4 Course Project

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PROJ 598 Week 4 Course Project

Part II (PP2)

Assignment: Project Part 2 (PP2) entails completing the remaining sections of the Request for Proposal (RFP) that was selected and prepared for Project Part 1 (PP1).

Background: The project directly addresses TCO E and covers material in Chapters 1 through 8 of the text. These chapters develop the procurement process up to the point of issuing the RFP. The remaining chapters of the book consider procurement activities undertaken subsequent to this milestone RFP event. Part 3 (PP3) will deal with material from a wider range of the Garrett text.

Terminal Course Objectives (TCOs): The following TCOs are addressed in the PP2 assignment:

TCO A: Given a project situation, discuss and document the six phases of the procurement cycle and the impact each procurement has on the overall project.

TCO B: Given a project situation, analyze the factors that are important when qualifying and selecting suppliers for a project requirement.

TCO C: Given a project situation for a major contract, examine the key factors, including risk factors, that affect buyer and supplier decisions concerning contract pricing and the selection of the proper contract type.

TCO D: Given a procurement situation for a major contract, analyze the application of e-procurement and other types of supplier bidding models available..

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TCO E: Given a situation to solicit a bid proposal, evaluate technical, management, commercial, and ethical requirements, and then prepare a Request for Proposal (RFP).

Resources: Obviously, Chapters 1 through 8 of the text would serve as a starting point. Please be advised that considerable relevant material is also available on the Internet, so you might want to conduct a search for materials that may yield insights into the RFP development process. Use the RFP template from your PP1 assignment, which was downloaded from the Doc Sharing area.

Procedures and Deadline: All project issues should be directed in the Q & A Forum or addressed in class. The PP2 RFP should be prepared in a MS Word format suitable for electronic transmission. Any resources used beyond the textbook need to be cited in your document—including links to relevant websites. Be sure to include footnotes and bibliography.

Submission Details: All PP2 documents must be submitted no later than the end of Week 4. Submit a copy of your RFP in the Dropbox created for this purpose.

Clarification on Assignment: All questions of a clarification nature should be asked in the weekly Q & A Forum discussion topic.

Grading: Eighty percent of points will be for content (including proper use of the English language) and 20 percent of the points will be based following the instructions for the assignment.

RFP Content:

Your RFP should utilize the best practices of the pre-award phase that apply to your project. You must choose the type of contract that you feel is most appropriate for this procurement. I will set the length limit at 10 double-spaced pages (12-point font) for the main body of the RFP. (Please do not feel obligated to reach that limit.) You may attach additional appendices if you wish, but these must be limited to clarifying material that has been borrowed from elsewhere or developed as an exhibit.

The first page of your overall submission must be a cover sheet that contains the project title (hopefully, not “PP2” or anything like it—be inventive), your name, your e-mail address, and course identifying information (e.g., “PROJ598 for this term” will suffice—obviously, use the correct term identifier). The second page will be a Table of Contents (TOC) listing the major RFP sections together with page numbers. Include on this page a listing of the references that you used in the RFP preparation, including websites, if any. The next 1-to-10 pages constitute the main body of the RFP. Appendix B contains a list of suppliers to whom you would send the RFP. These must be real bona fide contractors—not hypothetical ones. On that page, say how you chose these potential suppliers. The cover sheet, TOC/references page, and supplier list do not count toward the 10-page limitation.

The structure should, therefore be:

  • Cover sheet (one page)
  • Table of contents and references (one page)
  • RFP main body (no more than 10 pages)
  • Appendices (no page limit)
  • Appendix B: Supplier list (one page)

Deadline: PP2 is due by the end of Week 4.

Submit your PP2 assignment to the Week 4 Dropbox.


Cover Page10
Table of Content and References15
RFP Main Body Section 1&220
RFP Main Body Section 3&420
RFP Main Body Section 5&620
Appendix A & B20
Document Organization20
Total Points125

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