PROJ 598 Week 6 Course Project

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PROJ 598 Week 6 Course Project

Part III (PP3)

Assignment: PP1 and PP2 were designed to highlight TCOs A, B, C, D, and E. In terms of textbook coverage, PP1 dealt with material in Chapters 1 through 8. In contrast, PP3 covers all of the TCOs but touches mainly upon textbook Chapters 9 through 12. You will be required to identify an opportunity through and follow the instructions which are located in the Doc Sharing section.

This project is to be prepared and submitted in accordance with the guidelines presented below.

Submission Details:

Please submit your PP3 document to the Week 6 Dropbox. Instructions could be found in the PP3 – Formal Proposal Submission in the Doc Sharing section.

Clarification Issues: As a service to everyone in the class, all questions of a clarification nature should be posted in the weeklyQ & A  Forum during the week in which your question arises.

Grading: see scoring grid below.

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Deadline: PP3 is due by the end of Week 6.

Submit your PP3 assignment to the Week 6 Dropbox.


Cover Page 5
Cover Letter15
Technical Approach 35
Personnel Qualifications and Resumes15
Past References and Contact Information15
Teaming Partners and Subcontractors 15
Capabilities and partner capabilities15
Professionalism of format, grammar, spelling, page count, etc.10
Total Points125



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