SBE 330 Week 2 DQs

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SBE 330 Week 2 DQs

Week 2 DQ 1

Two companies:

1) Large, well established company in mature market (think oil and gas, etc)

2) New start-up in growing and emerging market (think software app development, etc)

Which of the two do you believe has a better opportunity to provide innovative products, processes, and ideas? Why?

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Week 2 DQ 2

Private label or store brands sell in supermarkets typically for about 10-20% less than manufacturer brands, yet the profit margins realized by supermarkets are usually about 10-15% higher than for manufacturer brands. Explain why both parties need each other.

As a consumer, how much do you trust the inherent quality of a store brand versus a name brand?

As a name brand manufacturer of grocery items, how would you overcome the popularity of the lower priced store brand items?


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