SBE 430 Week 7 Course Project

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SBE 430 Week 7 Course Project

You will need to select a large, well-known company for which you have just been hired by the board of directors to evaluate and update its e-commerce plan.

You will turn in a project plan, you will submit a comprehensive paper, complete with a cover page and a table of contents; and you will present a 15-minute summary presentation to the board of directors.

 Your job is to find a great company that has good public information for you to use (you can use a small, private company if you have someone on your team who is familiar with the company) and evaluate, critique, and update the company’s e-commerce strategy.

Paper – APA format and should be 10-15 pages in length (double spaced text). If you include any images, graphics, charts, etc., your paper should be longer to accommodate those items.

PowerPoint – should be 10-15 slides, professionally done, and worthy of presenting to the senior management of your company.

The outline of the Project is as follows:

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Company Evaluation

You need to do research on your company. What type of company is it? How does it do business? What are its products or services? You must then analyze the company and do a complete market analysis. You need to do a 4- to 5-page report that includes a summary of the business, the market, and the industry. Items to include in this section would be a comprehensive SWOT analysis, a developed marketing environment analysis, an evaluation of the business’s primary customers, the marketing mix, and an outline of its main competitors (at least two). All references MUST be included, and you can utilize an appendix for any extra information that you would like to include.

E-Commerce Evaluation

This section will take your program recommendations above and give a critique of the current e-commerce program and activity. In a 3- to 4-page evaluation, you will summarize the current program and give SPECIFIC areas that are not working and how your improvements (outlined below). You will also need to point out how your competitors are utilizing e-commerce as well; this is critical because it will set up the rationale for your program.

E-Commerce Program

This section is the justification of why an e-commerce program needs to be updated, improved upon, or increased. This section should be 3 to 4 pages in length and should outline the specific reasons you are moving forward.  In other words, if we increase our e-commerce program, we will improve sales in this area or with this market group; OR perhaps you have to keep up with the competition, as they are increasing their market share through an online environment; OR you can justify it with a COST SAVINGS approach. Utilizing e-commerce, we are saving X. Any or all of these examples can be used, but you need to justify and present specific and quantitative analysis.

Budget and Finance Considerations

This section refers to the costs of the program you have outlined above. Develop specific CAPITAL investment costs (money to start the program) as well as operational budget considerations. Additionally, this can include extra income as a result of your program or perhaps savings that will occur. You need to be specific in outlining these concepts and you must support your work with specific and well-rationed numbers. Any numbers that are not realistic will result in a grade reduction. This section should have a break-even analysis, as well as a cost-benefit chart summarizing the benefits of the program.


Post your references in APA format.

PowerPoint Presentation

Submit a PowerPoint slideshow that you would use if you were presenting your course project in class (10-15 slides).


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